Spirit of Scotland Show Masthead

Welcome to The Spirit of Scotland

The show is a rip roaring evening of traditional Scottish song and dance accompanied by a great selection of quality Scottish food to delight your pallet.

Our resident band and traditional Scottish Dancers provide breathtaking performances for their audience and never fail to entertain.

David and the dancers
Fiddle player Fiddle Andy on the bagpipes

Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, whether you wish to dine or just want some light refreshment and good fun, you will feel thoroughly at home at The Spirit of Scotland Show.

It's the essence of a most beautiful country and its people!

From fine Scottish cuisine there follows a magical, musical journey that traces a unique land and culture.

Starting with its origins from far back in the mists of time and legend, the traveller, experiences through stories', tales' dance, prose and poem the extraordinary heart and soul of a remarkable nation.

From the haunting lament of the pipes', to the joy of the accordion, to the thrill of highland dance and so much more the 'Spirit of Scotland' inspires, enthrals and entertains its special guests' through centuries' of Scottish life to the vibrancy of the present day.

The cast on stage